How to begin

Following the American dream, visiting the land of unlimited opportunities is where it all begins: the option of studying in the United States, where some of the best and most respected universities are located.

To start achieving the dream together, you must first complete 12 years of schooling with a full matriculation certificate. Once this is completed, you can schedule a counseling session in our office. 

The meeting is optional for anyone interested in studying in the US, free of charge. As part of the meeting, you can inquire, ask, consult, and receive the best information and guidance.

When a final decision to carry out the process is made, you will have to choose one of our packages and then sit back and watch your dreams come true.

We offer the complete package and help you with translations, certificates, signatures, and forms to obtain scholarships; we will make your experience easy.

As part of the process, you will need to issue an F1 student visa for students interested in studying at a university, college, high school, conservatory, or other academic institution in the United States.

We will take care of all the ‘paperwork’ and signatures on this end, and you will be required to appear before the representative at the embassy and receive the desired visa.

* You can apply for this visa three to six months in advance and enter the United States only about 30 days before school.

So, what are you waiting for? 

* You can apply for this visa three months in advance, at the earliest before the start of school, and enter the United States about thirty days before school.